That 70's Box (March 2021 Cocktail Box)
That 70's Box (March 2021 Cocktail Box)

That 70's Box (March 2021 Cocktail Box)

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Grab your flares and your platform shoes, we're heading back in time. Welcome to our "That 70's Box" cocktail box. We think this box best pairs best with an vodka, but you could use other base spirits if you are feeling adventurous.

We've crafted three (3) unique and enticing dessert inspired cocktails including: Blue Billabong, Banana-Guava Colada and Super Trouper.

Blue Billabong : Our 70's martini style cocktail is a vibrant retro blue colour with a citrus/orange flavour and features a sour orange sugar rim and orange slice garnish.

Banana-Guava Colada : This tropical delight will transport you to a 1970's island resort. A blended coconut cocktail showcases the fruity flavours of banana and guava topped off with a cherry garnish and coconut sugar rim.

Super Trouper : Is our spin on the classic White Russian featuring a decadent coffee and white chocolate syrup, this creamy concoction also features a grated chocolate garnish.

 The cocktail box contains a selection of syrups, infusions, bitters, mixers, garnishes and sour mix. Everything (except the alcohol) to make 3 different designer cocktails, 4 times each. That's 12 cocktails per box.

You also receive 3 beautifully designed cocktail recipe cards in the box to easily guide you through your cocktail making experience. You can also check out our demonstration videos on our YouTube channel.

What's in the Box?

  • Blue Orange Cocktail Syrup
  • Banana, Guava and lime Cocktail Syrup
  • Coffee and White Chocolate Cocktail Syrup
  • Sour Mix
  • Coconut milk
  • Milk
  • Cherries
  • Dried Orange Halves
  • Sour Orange Sugar Rim
  • Coconut Sugar Rim
  • Milk Chocolate Bar
  • White Chocolate Bar
  • Cocktail Sticks
  • Straws
  • 3 recipe cards

Develop your mixology skills and expand your taste buds with our designer cocktails. Australia wide delivery included.

Why No Alcohol? There's a couple of reasons. Firstly you don't need to be home to sign for the package and secondly, we don't want to dictate what base spirit you need to use. You should choose a spirit that suits your palate and budget. You can purchase a bottle of spirit for under $30, $65 or $90+. By not including it, we don't lock you into a specific type or price point. Also, whilst our boxes are based around a specific base spirit, you could easily change that if you wanted to (eg: buy a gin-based box but use vodka instead)