Is the alcohol included in the box?
No, we don't supply the alcohol required for the box. We allow you to choose a base spirit to pair with our box that suits your palate and budget. You also don't need to be home to sign for the box when it arrives and you can continue to support your local bottleshop or supplier.
By excluding the alcohol we are not locking you into a specific price point or brand for your cocktail box experience.
We will provide recommendations each month of alcohol to pair with our boxes, but ultimately you can choose a brand that best suits you.
How many drinks can one (1) box make?
From the products contained in each box, you will be able to make three (3) diferent cocktails, four (4) times each for a total of 12 cocktails per box. This works out to about $5-6 per cocktail. Mini cocktail boxes allow you to make 6 of the same cocktail.
Do I have to sign up to a subscription?
No. We provide all of our monthly cocktail boxes as individual purchases. If you like the look of the box, you can buy it with no further commitment. Discounts do however apply to 3 and 6 month subscriptions. If you do signup to a 3 or 6 month subscription then these subscriptions are pre-paid upfront. (ie: one-off payment)
Is there fresh produce in the boxes?
Sometimes. Many of our boxes will contain fresh citrus (ie: limes, lemons, oranges etc). Whilst our syrups are bottled, we do recommend you refrigerate them after opening. As many boxes contain fresh fruit, it is important to open the box ASAP after receiving it. Fresh fruit may be substituted for bottled juice when delivering to some states due to quarantine restrictions and in warmer, summer months to avoid spoiling.
How much is shipping and delivery?
All shipping and delivery charges Australia wide are included in the total price of the box. There are no other additional shipping or delivery charges. We ship using Sendle and Australia Post. Shipping charges do apply to syrups and garnishes.
Do I need to be home to sign for the box?
No. As there is no alcohol contained in the box you do not need to be home to sign for it. You can also request an Authority to Leave (ATL) when purchasing through our online shop.
Can I pause my subscription at any time?
Yes. If for any reason you need to pause your subsciption, let us know by sending us an email to hello@australiancocktailclub.com.au (at least before the 22nd of the month prior to your pause month) and we will pause your subscription until you are ready to resume.
Can I give a cocktail box as a gift?
Yes. We think a cocktail box is the perfect gift for any cocktail enthusiast or for those that are hard to buy for. In our online store you can also purchase gift cards that can be redeemed for any of our products. Our checkout also includes the ability to include a free gift card message.
When will I receive my cocktail box?
We ship all our boxes with standard shipping within 1-3 days of an order received. Please generally allow 8-10 working days for delivery . Recurring subscriptions (3 months) will be sent our on the 1st, and 15th of each month, based on when you first placed your order to ensure your box deliveries are evenly spaced for you to enjoy.
What is the shelf life of our syrups?
All of our syrups have a shelf life of 9 months (6 months once opened). All of our fruit based syrups are made with fresh fruit and as such the more fibrous fruits (ie: mango and pineapple) may cause the syrup to slightly separate if left standing too long. This does not affect the quality of the syrup, you should shake all syrups sour mixes and shrubs well before use.