Cocktail Glassware

Cocktails are as much about "the look" as they are about "the taste", and the right glassware can help you with just the right look. Here we explore the different types of glassware used in cocktails.
The martini glass is the most recognisable of all the cocktail-type glasses. Elegant in it's design. Ideally the martini or cocktail glass should be around 120ml-150ml in size.
It’s for generally drinking spirits on the rocks (over ice) or neat (just the straight stuff) but also famously known as an Old Fashioned glass because its short height makes it good for muddling the ingredients for Old Fashioned cocktails, which are made right in the glass.
The collins glass is tall, thin, and cylindrical. The vertical sides of the collins glass prolong the bubbly action of the carbonation in soda.
It’s basically the same idea as a martini glass but the sides round out a bit to form a bowl with a more vertical rim. Because of the shape, coupes make sloshing alcohol a little more difficult. Coupes are generally diminutive, holding a responsible amount. They are versatile because they can pull duty for martinis, manhattans, brandy alexanders, champagne (their original purpose) and more if needed.
The wine glass, traditionally used of course, for wine is a great alternative for presenting some cocktails. Used a lot for gin and tonics and other mixed drinks.
A uniquely designed glass which typically holds more than a martini or coupe. Traditionally used for its namesake cocktail but can be used for a range of different designs.