Bar Tool Essentials

Looking to create professional style cocktails from the comfort of your own home? We think there’s a few essential bar tools that can help you create that crafted cocktail look.
Boston Shaker : The choice of bartenders across the world. Typically there is one larger tin that is accompanied by another smaller mixing vessel which can be made of glass or metal. It can take a little time to master and may not be the best shaker for the mixology beginner.
Cobbler Shaker : Also known as the Three-Piece Shaker, the cobbler shaker includes a large metal shaking tin, a tightly fitting lid and a smaller cap that covers a strainer that’s integrated into the lid.The Cobbler Shaker is a good choice for most beginners.
Jigger : Used to measure liquids, there are a variety of jiggers on the market. Many are designed with the 30ml (1oz) and 15ml (0.5oz) combined for ease of use.
Mixing Glass : Used for stirred cocktails. Usually crystal cut in design, the mixing glass allows you to incorporate ice and stir to obtain just the right dilution without getting the ice flecks often associated with shaken cocktails.
Muddler : Wooden, metal or plastic, the muddler allows you to crush ingredients in a shaker or mixing glass to release their flavours and aromas.
Bar Spoon : A long spoon used for stirring cocktails, generally in a mixing glass. The spoon allows you to get right to the bottom of the glass. It can also be used to measure small quantities of ingredients.
Hawthorne Strainer : A strainer typically used with the boston shaker when pouring the cocktail. Can take a little practice to get used to for the beginner.
Sieve or Fine Mesh Strainer: Used when a smooth, ice crystal free or foam finish is required on a cocktail. The fine mesh sieve can be used to double strain a cocktail from a cobbler shaker or combined with a hawthorn strainer, double strained from a boston shaker.
Juicers: Many cocktails contain fresh juice. A good quality and easy to use juicer makes this process very simple. We prefer the hand press juicers as you can squeeze the juice directly into the jigger, shaker or mixing glass.
Now your home bar is ready to go and with one of our designer cocktail boxes you can be mixing your hand crafted cocktails in no time and amazing your friends and family.